Why is Polygon faster than Ethereum?


The major functionality of Polygon is to enable the multichain Ethereum ecosystem. It provides a network that offers interoperability between previous and present infrastructure scenarios of Ethereum. Due to this, it offers great functionality and the fastest transaction speed of almost 65,000 transactions per second.

Why is Polygon so fast?

Polygon’s strengths include: Ability to process transactions quickly: By using a consensus mechanism that completes the transaction confirmation process in a single block, Polygon can maintain fast transaction processing speeds. Polygon’s average block processing time is 2.1 seconds. 8.

Is Matic faster than Ethereum?

Will Ethereum 2.0 Kill Polygon (MATIC)? Polygon is not only several times faster than Ethereum 2.0 but also significantly cheaper.

Is Polygon faster than Solana?

Yes, Polygon is faster than Solana as Polygon can process 72,000 TPS compared to 65,000 TPS of Solana.

Can Ethereum beat Polygon?

Conclusion: Today Polygon surpasses Ethereum in many different ways. As we see, Polygon has more transactions, more contracts deployed than Ethereum. Probably the main reason for that is its gas fees that a lot of people and platforms don’t like.

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