How much it costs to mint an NFT on OpenSea?


While the platform previously charged only 0.21 cents per NFT, its current fee to mint a single NFT stands at $2.16. at this rate, the cost of minting 10,000 NFT will be over $21,000. However, the platform is not as popular or secure as other platforms such as Ethereum and OpenSea.

Is minting NFT on OpenSea free?

The OpenSea collection manager allows creators to make NFTs without any upfront gas cost, as the NFT isn’t transferred on-chain until the first purchase or transfer is made.

How much does it cost to mint NFT?

How much does it cost to mint 10000 NFT on OpenSea?

This fee goes to the technical people who process transactions on OpenSea. It varies depending on the demand and supply of minting transactions, but typically it ranges between $70 and $400.

How much does it cost to list NFT on OpenSea?

At the time of writing, the first transaction can cost anywhere from $70 to $300. The second transaction is usually $10 to $30. This price range is due to the gas fees. There are days when the fees are higher, and then there are the slow days when the fees are lower.

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